CARNAP Marthe [1873-1928]
Marthe Fazil with children: Said and Ibrahim
(ca 1905 roku) [1]
Prince Aly Fazil (1898) [1]
Marthe Carnap Bornheim [2]
The funeral of Marthe Frezet de Longpre von Carnap Bornheim (1928) [2] The destroyed masoleum of the von Carnaps in Janczewo where Marthe Carnap was buried [2]
The younger son of Marthe and Aly Fazil - Prince Ibrahim and his wife Kate Stevens [1]
Marthe Alix Fazil
- Marthe Carnap's granddaughter [1]
Captain Philip Anthony Foxwood
- Marthe Carnap's grandson (1965) [1]
Philip Anthony Foxwood with his wife (Rose) Mary Reece and their son Hugo Charles Amory Foxwood [1]
Photo: [1] - from Philip A. Foxwood collection; [2] - from Archiwum Państwowe w Gorzowie collection